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I continue to call up Molly when I’m navigating challenges in life and we set up a fireside chat and a walk through the woods. We talk for hours, we laugh, we take in the nature around us and she always gives me powerful insights into the path we’re all walking on together.Silas
Exploring the forest, its creatures and seasons with Molly Bones is a one-of-a-kind medicine for ‘soul fever’ — and I’m not talking about that 70’s sound. I’m talking about the this modern day, multi-tasking, highly distracted mayhem. She knows how to tap into the source and is a guide like no other.Lara Bell
You will feel a genuine childlike excitement… Mol is great at awakening your inner senses. I highly encourage spending lots of time in the woods with her and leaving any agenda behind. She has a crap ton of kickass knowledge about everything… You won’t be sorry.Sophie
Molly is an amazing teacher… I was able to leave the experience with new tools to use in my own line of work.
Katie Schick
Outdoor Classroom Instructor
I close my eyes and hear the peepers and remember the night you took me out… Thank you for the profound ways in which you have helped me change and grow through immersion in the woods, mountains, streams and fields… for teaching me to not only look up, down and all around but to look within. You rock!Jessica
I can’t imagine a better wandering companion. Her style of “teaching” is easy-going and fun, with boatloads of knowledge and experience to back it up.Emma
Farm Apprentice 2016
It’s the amount of presence Bones brings on our walks that teaches me right to the core of my mind, body and soul.Kristina
I went into the woods with Molly for an overnight not really knowing what to expect… the emphasis is less on naming and categorizing nature and more on simply observing it–being grateful for it… Spending a day with Molly taught me to see the woods as a storybook that’s constantly telling and retelling itself at every moment.Mike Schoch
We are deeply tethered to one another in ways which cannot be denied when we get away from the noise of our chaotic lifestyles. Molly is a proprietor of Peace; of Paying Attention; of listening to and discovering what’s hidden in plain view and what’s deepest inside… What a profound gift to be in Molly’s careMel
My world was turned upside down after jaunting through the ridge ways of the forest with Ms. Molly Nelson… having the right guide brought the beauty of the woods to my heart in a whole different light. She has inspired me more than she knows, welcoming me into the life I live to this day…Mike

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