Standard Expedition Options

Every walk with Mol is a unique tailored experience designed around the needs and goals of the person she is with (that would be you), but to keep it simple, we’ve broken it down to three standardized categories.

Day Mosey

Day Mosey

The Day Mosey

  • Sauntering about and inspecting whatever catches our interest

  • sitting and observing with all of our senses

  • gaining new understandings about all that we come across

  • eating a yummy picnic someplace nice

  • discussing our discoveries in the studio.

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The Overnight

Two days of wandering about day mosey-style, but now we step up the game by adding:

  • lost-proofing

  • stalker mode and super-keen vision

  • basic tent camping (equipment provided)

  • fire making, cooking, and chatting about our adventures and what makes us happy

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Three Day


The Three Day

With three days of mosies, and two overnights to work with, we'll be able to get into some really good stuff like:

  • introduction to the four basic skills of Shelter, Water, Fire and Food

  • More time "alone" to journal, draw and groove with this notion of belonging and being perfect just as you is

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Every Expedition is One of a Kind

Just hit the RED button and you'll initiate the discovery and development process for your expedition with Bones via email. Together you'll work out what your goals are, how best she can help you achieve them, and of course, how much it will cost.