Fox Stash

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Just got to watch the mama red fox and one of this year’s young hunt for nearly 45 minutes. The mama missed a grey squirrel after a good 50 yard chase. The young one stashed this mouse in the snow.

Little Miss Mousie

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My nemesis, the mouse, turned my wool blanket into a poncho, then using the spout as an entrance, built a nest in the teapot! I shall don my new attire and use another vessel until the mouselettes are grown.

Orren’s Adventure

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Black Trumpets and Day Lilly Tubers for Supper!

Orren discovers the skeleton of a yearling coyote

The head at the head of the spring

Peering into the fox den after deducing that no one’s been home for a long while

A flashlight reveals a look at the inside of the den

So many creatures to meet!

Getting a closer look at the little face of a young green frog

Prepping for Supper

Hi, Norm!

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On the fifth anniversary of Dad’s transition I got a couple of visitors while working in the field : )

A Day of Mushroom Study

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Some are yummy, some are deadly, but they are all so beautiful!


Chicken of the woods goes in the pot

This one stays put

Anyone have any idea what this cool stuff is?




Surprise Chick!

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On June 22 I realize there are four RSH chicks and dub the fourth, Little Guy. On June 29th, the first of the four RSH fledged in the morning. Little guy looks good – still some white fuzz on head. Looks to be about a week behind others. “LG”was fed directly from incoming parent. Earlier, when 1st was about to fledge, a visit from a red squirrel to the base of nest causes some entertainment. Biggest chick flaps wings and scares it off.

July 5th second and third one fledge

Visiting fledgling, just above nest

Sibs returned on occasion to nest. They rested, ate, and flew off again. Sometimes stayed on nearby branch. All stayed in immediate area. Could hear and sometimes see. The remaining one in nest, LG, only got excited at adults calling.

July 6th one returns to eat and nap then flies off.

Little guy fledged July 9th and after that, no one returned to nest.

10 days  between first and last to fledge! I learned a lot this year!






RSH Update

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Mama in middle with red head

Chick #3 in middle June 27th

Chick #3 far right June 30th – big growth in three days! Largest chick is thinking of fledging….