Fox Pup

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Been spying on the red fox family for around six weeks now. Four pups or ‘kits’ this year. They usually move between two or three times each denning season. This is at den #2. Moved here on 5/5 from #1 where they were birthed. Mama not physically up for shedding yet, but Papa showing patches of black as he changes his coat. He’s a stellar babysitter and wrassles with pups, then promptly sneaks off to his secret napping spot when his mate returns from her hunt before heading out himself. Constant foraging is the name of the game this time of year. To keep track of the areas they have recently covered, a fox will drip urine every minute! Another groovy fact is that they are one of the fastest land mammals, easily outrunning wolves, coyotes and naughty dogs in spurts of 45 mph! This is Rolly. He was chilling outside the den when I snuck up close in wet leaves with the wind in my favor. Put phone up to neighbor’s scope, then slipped out undetected. Was surprised with this focused shot. Ruthie, Rupert and Rosie must have been inside. Life is sweet.

Arboreal Beaver, what?

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This is Bald Mama. She’s my porcupine buddy with only a few tail quills! She’s very woolly however, and vey pregnant at this point. One morning I headed out on my daily explore and she was still pregnant…

Upon my return at dusk, she was empty and I met this little someone stashed in the brush!


…more discoveries

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Spot where coyote fed on deer

 Old coyote poop New coyote poop

 Colt’s foot  Yellow violet

  Saxifraga a mountain rush of sorts Trailing arbutus


Red Fox Den

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This is the den where this years pups were born. They stayed here until the first of May, then moved them to another den. They may do this several times a season probably for safety reasons. Often, they make their dens near human dwellings to dissuade coyotes. After inspecting this empty den, I discovered they had taken up residence near a seldom used camp, where they had denned in years past.

There are always two or more ways to get in or out.

On top of the den I noticed they had left a scrap of prey fur (woodchuck? ) that I had watched the pups play with often. When I picked it up, it reeked of fox! A scent marker now.

Ayden’s Magical Day

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Camo-Man.                        Secret birch bark clue in Rube’s old shelter


Pugsley Falls.                     Climbing the raccoon’s napping tree


Getting into the wild life.    Calling in the dogs.