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I LOVE MY WORK. If I wake up and remember I have a doula gig that day, I leap out of bed.


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    • Not only is Mol a knowledgable naturalist, coach and tracker, now (after three years of study) she is an INELDA certified End of Life Doula - aka a Death Doula - working with clients nearing the end of their lives to confront the fear, anxiety, and hopes surrounding death.
      She is the first certified Death Doula in the state of Maine inspiring those she works with to be more open about their mortality
      With compassion and loving honesty, Mol will help guide you through a life review, create a legacy project, plan a vigil, discover ritual and plan for a good death.

      You don't even have to be the one who's dying to benefit from this Death Doula's services.

      Mol works with family and friends of those “heading out” and has experience in post-mortem situations as well.

      If it’s time to get your ducks in line so you can focus on living, dying or mourning, Bones is the human you may want to spend time with!

    $75 an hour for doula work
    (Ask about pro bono and sliding scale)

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