Healing from Loss

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My best buddy and I headed into the woods for a few days after hearing about my mother’s death. I never feel alone out there and my world is steeped in gratitude and curiosity.

We brought the dogs for fun and Jessica brought her loom.


So many flowers!

Here, J-Dawg poses for a classic M.Bones website shot, but actually she is pointing at nothing in particular ; )


Check out this patch of clubmoss! Is it all one organism? Back in the day this stuff used to be as tall as trees! Now it is happy to gather whatever light it can in a mixed forest.

Apparently, a bear does shit in the woods.


Anyone recognize this plant? It is tough and  leathery. Dusty green.

Upon our return, my dear neighbor, Nickolai, presented me with a painting he did of one of the fox pups I have been watching. Red Foxes were Mom’s favorite creature! Also, this year’s coon babies paid a visit. Hi, Sal! Hi, Norm! We miss you, but know you are here.

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