Mol Bones

What really gets me fired up is helping to instill a curiosity of our natural world in others.Bones

Raised by a family and neighborhood full of explorers, adventurers, readers, activists, passion seekers and connoisseurs of life, I headed to Maine in my late teens to continue a life of tending crops, working with animals and messing about in the woods.

After nearly forty growing seasons in a row, farming was beginning to feel like work and seriously getting in the way of my meanderings in the hills.

There was way too much going on out there to be missed while planting, weeding and harvesting. I love you vegetables, but it was time for me to start seeing others!

I would like to inspire you to wonder and wander more, immerse yourself in the complex beauty of our world, and become so comfortable out there in the woods that a newfound sense of deep belonging frees you up to expand into a greater, more honest version of yourself.Mol

Though I have enjoyed plenty of outings over the years, both local and far afield, and shared the things I’ve learned with many, it is time for me to switch things up and focus my intentions on manifesting THE dream job – one on one woods explores with people like you who feel a hunger to connect with and learn about our surroundings.

Broadening my understanding of our home and those who inhabit it is my greatest passion, but what really gets me fired up is helping to instill this curiosity in others.

Now, besides all the fun woods adventures we experience together, I can be your End of Life Doula! That’s right, after three years of study and practice, I am Maine’s first certified Death Doula! Taking doula clients on woods moseys is pure magic…

One client may wish to spend more time in Nature before “heading out”, another may find base camp to be the perfect place to talk of the recent loss of a loved one, or begin to process the inevitable. Combining an expedition with a Death Doula creates an effective combo platter for grief work, planning a good death or checking off a bucket list adventure!

Please check out the heading Death Doula in my menu to learn of these services. Though my family named me Bones for being a scrawny little shit, it sure makes a fitting tag for the work I so love!