Moose Mama

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Check this print out closely. See how there are two tracks – one overlapping the other? Animals in the deer, canid and feline families land their rear foot on top of the track made by the front foot when walking. The cool thing is that this can help you determine if the animal making the tracks is a male or female. By finding a section where the animal has walked in a very straight line you can then be sure which set of prints were made by the feet on the right side and the left side of the animal. Got it so far?

Okay, look closely at these tracks again. We are looking at the prints left by the left side of the moose. Remember that. The animals in the three families mentioned ( as well as others of course ) are designed a certain way for mating. A female has wider hips for birthing and a male has wider shoulders for humping ; )

These prints are from the left side of the moose. See how the second print, or rear hoof, landed slightly to the outside of the first print/ front hoof? Wide hips! Get it?

Come on an excursion with me and I will teach you about how you can track this animal while knowing in which direction it will circle when it picks up on you being there. Then you can back off, trot quietly to the correct area and wait for it to walk right up to you! Fun stuff!

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