Sally Lou

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This is my sweet mommy, Sal, with me back in the day. Sal passed in her “Earth Pass” a few days ago and has joined her beloved Norm. It was a sweet run, dear Mommy. We will miss you a lot. Thanks for all the love and memories.

Healing from Loss

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My best buddy and I headed into the woods for a few days after hearing about my mother’s death. I never feel alone out there and my world is steeped in gratitude and curiosity.

We brought the dogs for fun and Jessica brought her loom.


So many flowers!

Here, J-Dawg poses for a classic M.Bones website shot, but actually she is pointing at nothing in particular ; )


Check out this patch of clubmoss! Is it all one organism? Back in the day this stuff used to be as tall as trees! Now it is happy to gather whatever light it can in a mixed forest.

Apparently, a bear does shit in the woods.


Anyone recognize this plant? It is tough and  leathery. Dusty green.

Upon our return, my dear neighbor, Nickolai, presented me with a painting he did of one of the fox pups I have been watching. Red Foxes were Mom’s favorite creature! Also, this year’s coon babies paid a visit. Hi, Sal! Hi, Norm! We miss you, but know you are here.

Exploring with Hunter/Season 2

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Checking out moss (and black fly mouths) with a loupe

Guptill’s Foundation. Where did Ed hide his gold?

Hunter figures out that these deer bones were crunched open by a coyote

Speaking of coyotes, who’s track is this?!

Toad eggs hang in long ribbons, frog eggs in blobs.

We are transporting these to a nearby vernal pool since this puddle will dry up before the “toad-poles” are ready to hop. Skidder ruts and whatnot near pools are a pisser because eggs get laid in them by mistakes and never make it.

Hunter, an avid fisherman, is bummed that the heron got most of the trout, but he likes the new dock


Moose Mama

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Check this print out closely. See how there are two tracks – one overlapping the other? Animals in the deer, canid and feline families land their rear foot on top of the track made by the front foot when walking. The cool thing is that this can help you determine if the animal making the tracks is a male or female. By finding a section where the animal has walked in a very straight line you can then be sure which set of prints were made by the feet on the right side and the left side of the animal. Got it so far?

Okay, look closely at these tracks again. We are looking at the prints left by the left side of the moose. Remember that. The animals in the three families mentioned ( as well as others of course ) are designed a certain way for mating. A female has wider hips for birthing and a male has wider shoulders for humping ; )

These prints are from the left side of the moose. See how the second print, or rear hoof, landed slightly to the outside of the first print/ front hoof? Wide hips! Get it?

Come on an excursion with me and I will teach you about how you can track this animal while knowing in which direction it will circle when it picks up on you being there. Then you can back off, trot quietly to the correct area and wait for it to walk right up to you! Fun stuff!